Uniform Swap

Uniform Swap

 TURNover Your Old Timbers Gear

Turnovers have always been a bad thing is soccer.  Until now.....

Vancouver United Timbers players can donate or trade club uniforms and other gear anytime through the Timbers Recycling Network - or TURNover.

Most youth players outgrow their uniform long before it is worn out.  Garage sales and thrift stores have become virtual graveyards for high-quality Nike and other team gear with nary a blemish.

The result: Families end up buying new uniforms more often than they would like.  Also, teams and clubs divert scarce resounces to help needy families cover soccer-related expenses.

TURNover extends the life of your Timbers uniform investment.  Club members can trade, recycle and acquire "pre-owned" Timbers gear at no cost before, during or after a season ends - anytime.

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TURNover Gear
You can donate, trade or request:
·         Blue or red VUSA Timbers jerseys
·         Blue Nike shorts
·         Timbers hoodies and warm-ups
·         Grey Timbers training t-shirts or hoodies.
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